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Research Contributions
  Research Contribution through Ph.D. Research by Self
  1. Models Developed for Distribution System Components in the name of a€?Ko Modelsa€?:
. .2 . .
  i. Unit voltage regulation constant for a given circuit voltage, power factor and conductor size
. . . .
  ii Voltage Regulation in a Radial feeder in %
. . . .
  iii Power Loss in a Radial Distribution feeder,

Where kV is the nominal voltage of the feeder in kilo Volts, P is the Peak Load of the feeder in kVA, M is the total moment in km-kVA, r is the resistance of the conductor of feeder per km in Ohms, LDF is the Load Distribution Factor and PLDF is the Power Loss Distribution Factor
. . . .
  iv iSubstation Feed Area

Where (pf) is the power factor of the load and nf is the number of feeders fed by the Substation.
. . . .
  v When the feed area of the Substation is circular, then the Radius R of the Substation is,

Where z is the zig-zac factor of the main feeder given by L/R.
. . . .
  2 Nomograms, The following Nomograms are developed as Ready Reckoner for Distribution System Planning:
. .8 .
  1. Voltage Regulation Chart
  2. Feeder Power Loss Chart
  3. Feeder Main Chart
  4. Number of Feeders per Substation Chart
  5. Conductor Gradation Chart for the Feeder Mains
  6. Substation Feed Area Chart
  7. Ready Reckoner for Irrigation Pump-set size selection
. . .
  3 Research Contributions towards Promotion of Tamil
. . .
  1. Developed and dedicated Tamil Virtual University (TVU) to the world community as the Founder Director of TVU, a unique Virtual Education platform for learning Tamil using internet and web technology.
  2. Developed a Computer language "à??à?£à??à??àˉ?à?′à??" through B.Tech. Students at Crescent Engineering college in 1996.
  3. Developed another Computer language "Java à?¤à??à??à?′àˉ?" through B.Tech. Students at Crescent Engineering college in 1997.
  4. Contributed Tamil keyboard a€?TamilNet99a€? as an input device for Tamil Computing.
  5. Developed TAM/TAB Encoding Standards for Tamil Language for the Tamil Nadu Government to declare as Mono and Bi lingual Standards for Tamil in 2000.
  6. Main architect for the development and promotion of Tamil All Character Encoding a€?TACE16a€? as a standard 16-bit Encoding for Tamil, declared by the Tamil Nadu Government in 2010.
  7. Designed, developed and Instituted the Tamil Priest Diploma course "à?…à?°àˉ?à??àˉ?à??àˉ?à??àˉ?à??à?°àˉ? à?aà??àˉ?à??àˉ?à?ˉà?aàˉ?à?aà??à??à?aàˉ?à?aàˉ?" , in Bharathidasan University in 2009 and in SRM University in 2011 onwards.
  8. Designed, developed and instituted the a€?Diaspora Tamil Teachers Diploma coursea€? in SRM University in 2011 onwards.
  9. Conceptualized, Structured and started Tamil Perayam - "à?¤à??à??à?′àˉ?à?aàˉ?à?aàˉ?à?°à??à?ˉà??àˉ?" in SRM University in 2011 for the promotion of Tamil Language, Tamil Culture, Tamil Computing, Publication of rare and new Tamil Books and to recognize Tamil Scholars and Tamil Literary Contributors with Awards, better than Sahitya Academy literary awards.
. . . .
  4 Research Contributions towards Academic Curriculum
. . .
  1. Designed, Developed and Instituted M.Phil.(Comp.Sc.), Summer Sequential Program (SSP), in Bharathidasan University in 1992.
  2. Designed and Instituted a Course on a€?Electrical Wiring and Installationa€?, and devised the syllabus for the same and as well set-up a Laboratory for practicing wiring and installation in the Higher Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Hoon, Libya during 1987.
  3. Contributed a visual aid the blind in the name of a€?Virtual eyea€? through a Ph.D. Research of my Student Dr.Amudha, SRM University in 2012.
  4. Developed Laboratories such as Parallel Computing and Distributed Systems, Multimedia Computing, Internet Computing Labs, etc. in different Engineering Colleges during 1993 and 2000.
  5. Established a Nanotechnology Research center at SRM University through DST funding 1n 2004.
  6. Established an Inter disciplinary School of Indian System of Medicine (ISISM) at SRM University through DST funding for Research to develop herbal based Indian system of medicines during 2011 and own four patterns, including three U S Patterns.
  7. Introduced employable Skill based Curriculum in the Under Graduate degree programs in Bhathidasan University, which was adopted by all the Universities in Tamil Nadu.
  8. Designed and Instituted innovative 6-year M.Tech. programs in Life Sciences with a provision for Early Graduation by the Fast learners at Bhathidasan University.
  9. Designed, developed and Instituted new innovative Four-year B.S. programs in the Science subjects to be offered in the Arts and Science Colleges of Bhathidasan University with the approval of UGC.
  10. Designed, developed and instituted a School University Industry Tie-up Scheme (SUiTS) to offer Certificate Courses in IT for School Children from 5th Standard till 9th Standard through Bhathidasan University.
. . . .
  5 Research Contributions towards Industrial Applications
. . .
  1. Developed guidelines and contributed methods and models for project formulation, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of system improvement Schemes for sub-transmission and distribution systems in Rural Electrification Corporation, New Delhi.
  2. Developed mathematical models and computer software for Optimal Distribution System Planning Studies for Chengleput District of Tamil Nadu at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore during March 1973 to January 1974.
  3. Developed a number of Computer S/W packages and conducted the following studies for the Power Industries:
    • Transmission network planning studies.
    • Saving of spill hydro energy studies.
    • Hourly forecasting and generation scheduling for load dispatch.
    • Long-term load-generation balance studies associated with maintenance scheduling of generating units for the Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and North Eastern regional systems in India.
    • Distribution system planning studies for Jharia Coal-Field of BCCL.

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