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Presentations of Dr. M. Ponnavaikko

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  *   Academic Ranking of University - Our Perspective
  *   Academia-Industry Linkage
  *   Accreditaion-Apprehension to Appreciation
  *   Bridging the access gap - Integrating Content, Technology and Services
  *   Broadband Technologies Services for Rural India
  *   Bons and Bans of Globalization of Higher Education
  *   Creative Leadership for School Administrators
  *   Emerging Trends in computing
  *   Excellence in Education and Scientific Research
  *   Genetic Algorithm
  *   Geomatric Objects to Genetic Algorithm
  *   Global Excellence through International Collaboration - SRM University Experience
  *   Globalization of Higher Education for the Development of National Economy
  *   Green Technology for Bridging the Digital Divide using ICT
  *   Higher Education in India - Problems, Issues and Solutions
  *   ICT in Education
  *   Innovative practices in Computer Technology
  *   Intellectual Property Rights for IT and ITES
  *   The Learning Process
  *   Transforming learning New Pedagogic Approaches
  *   Advancement in Computing Technology
  *   Strenthening the Health System in India
  *   Higher Education and Employability
  *   Indian Education Calling for Reform
  *   Presentation on TACE - Tamil Unicode
  *   Recent Trends in Research Methodology
  *   Recent Trends in Computing
  *   Resurrecting the Tradition of worldclass Education in India
  *   Virtual Eye
  *   Virtual Instrumentation in Engineering Experimentation
  *   Minimization and Management of Waste
  *   Youth Leadership and Internship
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