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Brief Statement of Work Experience

  A total of over 40 years of experience, as on June 2009, having served at different levels, as Director at the level of Vice-Chancellor,  Board Secretary and Advisor, Design Engineer, Divisional Manager, Consultant, R&D Personnel,  teaching faculty (Professor) and Administrative Head in different Organization such as Power Industries (Private & Public Sectors), Educational Institutions and Government departments in India and Abroad in the various fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. Also served as a Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science and Engineering at REC, Trichy (1993-1995), Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science (UG and PG), Bharathidasan University Trichy (1993-96), Member, Academic Council, Bharathidasan University (1993-96), Member, Board of Studies in Computer Science (PG), University of Madras (1995-98), Member, Academic Council, University of Madras (1995-97) and Member , Sub-Committee, State level task force on Information Technology, Government of Tamilnadu (1998 - 2000). Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science and Engineering (UG and PG), University of Madras (1999 - till date), Chairman, Research Advisory Board ( 2003 – till date ), SRM University, Chairman, Board of Studies in Computer Science & Engineering, IT and Computer Application (UG & PG) (2003 – till date), Chairman, IEEE Madras Section ( 2006 & 2007), SRM University, and Member, Academic Council, Anna University (2006 – 09).




Analysis of Experience

S.No. Position - Held Organisation No. of Years
1 Provost Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation, Deemed to be University Sept 2017 – Till Date
2 Pro-Chancellor Bharath University, Chennai April 2017 - Sept 2017
3 Vice-Chancellor Bharath University, Chennai Sept 2014 – March 2017
4 Vice-Chancellor SRM University, Chennai July 2011 – August 2014
5 Provost SRM University, Chennai July 2010 - July 2011
Vice-Chancellor Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli July 2007 - June 2010
7 Director ( Research, Virtual Education & International Initiatives) SRM University, Chennai Sept 2003 - June 2007
8 Director (at the level of Vice-Chancellor)

Tamil Virtual University, Govt. of Tamilnadu

3 Years (Jul.2000-Sep.2003)
9 Prof. & Head, Dept. of Comp. Sc. & Engineering Crescent Engg. College, Chennai (1995-2000),
REC Trichy (1993-1995),
Mookambikai College of Engg., Trichy (1989 - 1993)
10.5 Years (1989 - 2000)
10 Prof. (Elect. Engg.) HIMEE, Hoon, Libya 3.0 Years (1986 - 1989)
11 Board Secretary & Advisor (Engineering) ECCO, Tripoli, Libya 2.5 Years (1984 - 1986)
12 Special Officer (System Improvement)
(Equivalent to Professor from  Jan.1981 - Feb. 1984 and Assistant Professor from Sept.1977- Dec.1980)
Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd., New Delhi-019 6.5 Years (1977 - 1984)
13 Design Engineer (Computer Aided Analysis,
Design and Planning of Power Systems)
BHEL / PED, New Delhi 1 Year (1976 - 1977)
14 Assistant Engineer Tamilnadu Electricity Board and on deputation at IISc, Bangalore and SREB, Bangalore 4.5 Years (1972 -1976)
15 Field Engineer TNEB, Crompton Engg. Co 1 Year (1969 - 1970)


July 2010 -  August 2014 Initially as Provost for one year and then as Vice-Chancellor from July 2011, at SRM University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  1. University Administration
  2. Academic administration
  3. Development Research Activities
  4. Promotion International Academic Collaborations
  5. Establishment of Interdisciplinary School Indian System of Medicines ( ISISM) for the Development of siddha, Auyurveda and Unani medicines
  6. Establishment of Tamil Perayam for the promotion of cultural values
  7. Establishment of SRM Research Institute
  8. Campus Development
  9. Academic Services to the Community, including
    1. Empowerment of Rural youth through skill based training programs
    2. Establishment of a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Skill Development (CECD)
    3. Introduced an innovative program to empower self-made artisans
    4. Establishment of Facilitation Centre for the disabled persons
    5. Certificate Course in IT for School Children (SUCCESS)
    6. Establishment of Grievance cell for Students
July 2007 - July 2010 Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India.
      At Bharathidasan University, as the Vice-Chancellor in July 2007, he introduced the following innovative programs for the benefit of the Students  and Researchers and Academic Services to the rural based school dropouts and handicapped persons.
      1) Introduction of Skill based Curriculum under an innovative CBCS Scheme, introduced in all the Universities in Tamil Nadu.:
          He noted that the undergraduate curriculum offered by the University through the affiliated colleges are theoretical and the Graduates are not employable on graduation and that the Degrees of this kind do not really help the students coming from the economically backward rural areas. He further noted that the curriculum did not include a course on Tamil, the Regional language of this land, as a compulsory component of the curriculum.  He, therefore, believed  strongly that the curriculum of the undergraduate degree programs of all disciplines should include skill based components and a compulsory course on Tamil for all the students with a provision to study their mother tongue too. Accordingly he revised the curriculum of all the undergraduate degree programs, introducing practical oriented Skill based courses and study of Tamil as  compulsory components of the curriculum under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). Appreciating this curriculum the Government of Tamil Nadu  advised all other universities in Tamil Nadu to follow the same curriculum introduced by the Bharathidasan University.
      2) Introducing an innovative concept for Early Graduation  by the Fast learners :
          He has also introduced a unique 6-year integrated M.Tech. programs in Computer Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, and Geo-technology in the University Departments for the 12th Standard pass students, integrating B.Tech. and M.Tech. degrees under CBCS, incorporating an  innovative concept of  early graduation for the fast learners. Bharathidasan University is the first to offer such an innovative concept in the country.
      3) Empowerment Rural Men and Women through Skill based Training :
          He believes that the University system should not stop its activities only with offering academic programs and awarding Degrees. The University system should serve the community in spreading educational awareness among the people and ensure that the Scientific and Technological developments reach the society and help them for their economical development. To achieve this goal he has introduced an excellent scheme to benefit  the people in the eight districts served by the  Bharathidasan University. He has introduced a program to establish “Counselling  and Career Development  Centre(CCDC)” to provide the following services :
          i) Career Guidance through Touch Screen based information resource for Educational opportunities, Employment   opportunities, Adult Education, Health Awareness, E-governance and guidance to the farmers, supported by a Senior Academician placed at the Centre.
          ii) Empowerment Men and Women for Entrepreneurship/Employment  through Skill based training and placement with the help of  Industries and Service Sector.
          iii) Formal training to the artisans, like self made Electricians, Plumbers, Masons, Mechanics, Welders, etc. and awarding University Certificates through appropriate testing.
          iv) Offering Academic programs of the University under Distance Education mode in the  (CCDC).
      4) Introducing Cluster College Concept :
          The undergraduate curriculum introduced by him also provided for opting for interdisciplinary courses as non-major electives. These courses can be studied by the students in any other department or College. To facilitate this he has introduced Cluster College Concept for Resource sharing.
      5) Introducing facilities for Academic Excellence :
          He has established a Nanotechnology Research Centre, and proposed to establish a Lab for innovation for creative research by the students and a Technical Skill development and testing laboratory in the University campus for training and certification of the Artisans.
      6) Creating a platform for publishing Research contributions in the Regional language and English :
          He has introduced a bi-annual journal in the name of “Bharathidasan University Journal of Science Technology”  for publication by the University in Bi-lingual, English and Tamil, the first issue having been released in March 2008. He believes that the technological advancements in the world should reach all the technocrats of all levels including technicians who are not very familiar with English language and therefore he has initiated publication of the English based  technical journals in Tamil. As the  first initiative IEEE Spectrum was translated in Tamil and the first issue was released in March 2008.
      7) Academic Service to the visually impaired :
          To promote educational services to the visually handicapped persons with the help of computers, a Software development cell has been established and a visually impaired  Professor with adequate experience in software like Braille has been identified for posting in the cell.
      8) Enhancement of the University campus facilities :
          Actions are initiated to improve the University campus as an excellent campus for the living of the students and staff  to provide the following facilities: Construction of a five-bedded hospital  in the campus, a shopping  complex, an indoor stadium with gymnasium,  a married student apartment , an auditorium, a modern sports field , and a school for the children of staff members of the university  have been planned, included in the 11th plan proposals of the UGC and necessary approval from the concerned authorities of the University has been obtained.
      9) Waste water recycling  and water management system for the University campus :
          An expert was assigned with a project work to study the water resources in the campus and submit a scheme for implementation. The Expert has submitted his Report with a plan for implementation,  covering the aspects like rain water  harvesting, ground water recharging, waste water recycling, and water requirements for drinking and for plantation on a long term basis. The report has been taken for implementation.
      10) Establishment of Grievance cell for Students :
          A Grievance cell for students, headed by a senior academician as the Director,  has been established. The cell is  provided with computer and internet facilities for direct access to the university information system.
      11) Introducing Virtual Education Programs :
          Virtual Education program is planned to be introduced from this academic year for the MCA, MBA,  M.A.(Tamil), and M.Phil.(Tamil) courses.
Sep 2003 - June 2007 Director, Research & Virtual Education, and International  Initiatives, SRM Institute of Science & Technology ( University under section 3 of UGC Act 1956), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  a) Core Activities  
      i) Administration of the Directorate of Research & Virtual Education as the Director
      ii) International Academic and Industrial collaborative initiatives for the University
      iii) Design and Development of Web based Academic programmes in different  branches of Engineering, Technology, Science, Humanity, Medical and Health Science for Virtual Education supported by Virtual Laboratories and Digital Libraries
      iv) Promotion of Research Activities in the Academic and Industrial Research Areas
      v) Academic Audit of the SRM Group of Educational Institutions
      vi) Coordination of major purchases for the University
      vii) Research Guidance
        i) Mr.M.Chandrasekar, HOD/CSE, JJ Engineering College, pursuing Ph.D research on 'Computer Graphics' under my direct supervision since October 2001
        ii) Mrs. A.Joseprince Amala, Asst.Prof., J.J. Engineering College, pursuing Ph.D. research on 'Optimal Distribution System Planning' under my direct supervision since Jan.2002
        iii) Mrs. Jayam Shakthi, Manager (Systems), Satyam Infotech, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Security Issues in E-Commerce", at BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan through off-campus mode, under my direct supervision, since April 2002
        iv) Mr. S.S.Sridhar, Prof. of CSE, SRMIST, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Neural Network" under my direct supervision, since September 2004
        v) Mrs. C.Lakshmi, Sr.Lecturer (CSE), SRMIST, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Pattern Recognisation" under my direct supervision, since September 2004.
        vi) Ms.B.Amudha, Sr.Lecturer (CSE), SRMIST, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Wireless Communication" under my direct supervision, since September 2004
        vii) Mr.N.Arivazhagan, Sr.Lecturer (CSE), SRMIST, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Software Engineering" under my direct supervision, Since September 2004.
        viii) Ms.E.Poovammal, Sr.Lecturer (CSE), SRMIST, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Data Mining" under my direct supervision, Since September 2004.
        ix) Ms.S.Sahayaraj, Sr.Lecturer (Comp.Appl.), SRMIST, pursuing Ph.D. research on "Data Mining" under my direct supervision, since September 2004
4 July 2000- Aug. 2003 Director, Tamil Virtual University, Taramani, Set up under Society Act by the Govt.of Tamil Nadu.
    a) Core Activities  
        i Administration of the university as its Director and Chief Academic & Executive Officer
        ii Design and Development of Academic Programmes, Digital Library and the Web contents
        iii Conceptualization, design and development of the virtual campus for learning Tamil
        iv Management of Tamil Software Development Fund
        v Administering the Certification of Tamil Software for its Conformity to TAM/TAB Standards
    b) Other Services  
        i Chairman, Board of Studies is Computer Science & Engineering (UG&PG), Madras University (1999- till date)
        ii Designed and developed a new PG  Course, M.E. (Software Engg) for Madras University and framed the syllabus
        iii Revised the M.E. (CSE) syllabus for Madras University
    c) Endowment Lectures Delivered
        i The Vice-Chancellor Dr.S.Muthukumar Endowment Lecture on 'Tamil in IT and its Growth' at Bharathidasan University in June 2001
        ii Annapoorni Ramanathan Memorial Endowment Lecture on 'Internet Tamil' at Tamil University, Thanjavur on 29th October 2001
        iii Rev. Dr.S.JohnBritto SJ Endowment Lecture on "Tamil Computing and Virtual Learning" On 11th March 2002
5 April 1995 - Jan 2000 Prof.& Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Crescent Engineering College, Madras 600 048
    a) Administration
        i Administration of the CSE dept as Head
        ii Administration of the MCA dept as Head
    b) Teaching
          Taught the Following Subjects
i) Data Structure
ii) Computer Simulation and Modeling
iii) Software Engineering
iv) Operations Research
    c) Research Guidance
          The following 3 Candidates are pursuing their Ph.D. research at Anna University with myself as Co-Guide
i) Mr. Shek Abdul Khader, Asst Prof.,Dept.of CSE, Crescent Engg College, on 'Network Communication' (1996….)
ii) Mr. David P. Jon, Dept.of  ECE., Sr.Lecturer, Crescent Engg College on 'Distribution system planning' (1996…)
iii) Mr.T.A. Rajharendiran, Sr. Lecturer, Dept.of EEE., on 'Harmonics effects an measurements' (1996….)
    d) Other Curricular Activities
        1 Revised the Syllabus for the following courses
i) B.Sc. (CS), Bharathidasan Uuniversity (1995)
ii) PGDCA, Bharathidasan Uuniversity (1995)
iii) MCA, Madras University (1996)
iv) B.E (CSE), B.Tech (IT), Madras University (1999)
        2 Obtained a grant-in-aid of Rs.7 Lakhs from AICTE to Set-up a pattern recognition Lab. At Crescent Engg. College, 1996.
        3 Conducted a Winter School on 'Networking through windows 200' under the grant - in - aid scheme from AICTE  through ISTE at Crescent Engg. College, 1999.
    e) Other Responsibilities
        i) Chairman, Board of studies in Computer Science (UG&PG), Bharathidasan University (1993-96)
        ii) Expert Member, Computer purchase Committee, Constituted by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. (1993-2000)
        iii) Student Counsellor,  IEEE (USA) Student Chapter of the Crescent Engineering College.
        iv) Editor, Technical Journal of Crescent Engg. College, Madras.
        v) Member, Board of Studies in Computer Sc. (PG), University of Madras (1995-1999)
        vi) Member, Academic Council, University of Madras (1996-97)
        vii) Chairman Board of Studies in CSE (UG&PG), Madras University from (1999).
    f) Consultancy
        i) "Up gradation of  Power Distribution System, in the licensce  area of Tata Tea Limited (TTL), Munnar" - A Power System Planning Study Carried out for  TTL, Nov.1997
        ii) "Design and Development of an Intranet for CLRI Campus - guided  as an expert  member, 1999.
        iii) 'Power System Network Planning for Trichy district' - job entrusted by the Trichy circle, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Trichy, (1994-95)
6 Jan.1993 - Jan.1995

Prof. & Head, Dept.of Computer Science & Engineering, Regional Engineering College, Tiruchirapalli - 620 015, Tamil Nadu.

    a) Administration
        i) Head of the Dept. of Comp.Sc. & Engg., R.E.C. Trichy,
        ii) Course Director
        iii) M.Phil.(Comp.Sc.), SSP, Bharathidasan University from 1992 (Designed, developed and offered the Programme)
    b) Subjects Taught for B.E (CSE) & M.E (CSE) Classes
        i) B.E. (CSE) Courses
1. Computer Simulation & Modeling
2. Software Engineering
3. Circuit Theory
4. Control Systems
5. Digital Computer fundamentals
        ii) M.E.  (CSE) Courses
1. Probability and Queuing The Theory
    c) Research Guidance
        i) Ph.D. : 3 Candidate enrolled in MIS, OS and Compiler   Design areas
        ii) M.E.(CSE) (1993-95)              :           5
        iii) M.Phil. (Com.Sc.) Part Time    :           9
        iv) B.E.(CSE) (1993-95)               :           4
    d) Other Curricular Activities
        i) Revised the syllabus for the following courses
1. B.E. (CSE) for REC
2. M.E. (CSE) for REC
3. M.C.A under Engg. Faculty for Bharathidasan University
4. PGDCA for Bharathidasan University
        ii) Obtained a grant - in - aid of Rs.7.5 lakhs to set up a Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Laboratory at REC, 1994
        iii) Set up another new lab namely, 'Advanced Microprocessor lab' at REC, 1994
        iv) Continued to Offer M.Phil. (CS) summer sequential programme for the faculty members in the department of Computer Science at the College affiliated to Bharathidasan University, as the Course Director (1992-95)
    e) Other Responsibilities and Services
        i) Chairman, C.S.I., Trichy Chapter (1993-94)
        ii) Chairman, Board of studies in Computer Science (UG & PG). Bharathidasan University (1993 - 96)
        iii) Member, Research committee, Bharathidasan University (1993-94)
        iv) Expert Member, Computer Purchase Committee, constituted by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. (from 1993)
        v) Member, Board of Studies of CS/CSE at
          *    Thyagaraja College of Engineering,
          *    A.V.C. College, Mayiladudurai
          *    Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
        vi) Member Academic Council, Bharathidasan University (1993-96)
        vii Member, Research Committee, Bharathidasan University (1993-95)
        viii) Organized a National Conference and Exhibition, BIG'94 in April 1994, Sponsored by the Business Industry Group of CSI and the Tiruchirappalli Chapter of CSI, as Chairman.
        ix) Organized Computer awareness programmes for Rural School Children in the Higher Secondary Schools at
          *    Ettarai
          *    Ayilapettai
          *    Vaiyampatti
          *    Karungulam
        x) Organized a two week Computer training programme for 20 Teachers from 10 Schools in December 1994.
7 Oct 1989- Dec 1992

Prof. & Head, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, Mookambigai College of Engineering, Keeranur- 622502.

  a)   Administration
        i) Head of the Dept. of Comp.Sc. & Engg.
        ii) Chief Coordinator, Evaluation Cell
        iii) Advisor, Mookambigai Industrial Liaison Center
        iv) Course Director, M.Phil. (Comp.Sc.), Bharathidasan University, Trichy - 620 015 (Designed, Developed and Offered the Programme).
  b)   Taught the following subjects to B.E. (CSE) & M.Phil. (CS) Courses
        i) B.E. (CSE) Course
1. Computer Simulation & Modeling
2. Software Engineering
3. Circuit Theory
4. Control Systems
5. Design & Analysis of Algorithms
        ii) M.Phil (CS) Course
1. Computer Simulation & Modeling
2. Software Engineering
  c)   Research Guidance
        i) Ph.D. Students                         :           4 Registered in Comp.Sc. & Engg. Areas in Sep. '92.
        ii) M.E. Students                          :           1 (REC, Trichy) in Power System Area in 1992-'93.
        iii) M.Tech. Students                     :           1 ( Jayachmarajendra college of Engg.) Area in 1991-'92.
        iv) M.S. Students                          :           3 (BITS, Pilani) in Comp. Sc. & Engg. Areas
        v) M.Phil. (Comp.Sc.) Students     :           4 (1992 - '93.) in Comp. Sc. & Engg. Areas
  d)   Other Curricular Activities
        i) Devised Syllabus for M.Phil. (Comp.Sc.) Summer Sequential Programme for Bharathidasan University and conducted the course for the Ist batch as Course Director.
        ii) Helped REC, Trichy in setting the Syllabus for B.E. (Comp.Sc. & Engg.) Part time  Programme at REC, Trichy
  e)   Other Responsibilities
          Vice - Chairman, CSI, Trichy Chapter.  (1991-93)
  f)   Consultancy
        i) Software Reliability Project, ADE/DRDO, Bangalore, 1989-91
        ii) Computer aided Distribution Planning Studies for two cities of Gujarat, one District of Madhya Pradesh, one city and 6 districts of Orissa, and one city (Trichy) in Tamil Nadu (1992).
8 Aug 1986 - Aug 1989 Visiting Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engg., Higher Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Hoon, Libya.
  a)   Teaching Taught the following Subjects
i) Switchgear & substation practices (8th semester)
ii) El. Distribution - II (8th Sem.)
iii) El. Distribution - II (7th Sem.)
iv) El. Distribution - II (5th Sem.)
v) Illumination (5th Sem.)
vi) El. Wiring & Installation (4th Sem.)
  b)   Research  
          Guided project works of the B.E. (Tech.) Students.
  c)   Other Curricular activities
i) Chairman, Tech, Journal Committee
ii) Chairman, Exam. Time Table Committee
iii) Editor, Tech. Journal of Higher Institute of Mech.  & Elect. Engg.
iv) Member, Post graduate study Committee. Devised syllabus for M.Tech.
v) Secretary, Dept. of Electrical Engineering.
vi) Designed a Course on "Electrical Wiring and Installation", devised the syllabus for the same and set-up a Laboratory for practicing wiring and installation.
9 Sep. 1977- July 1986 Special Officer (System Improvement ) Rural Electrification Corporation, (REC) New Delhi including a special assignment on deputation to the Electrical Construction Company (ECCO), a joint venture of Governments of Libya and India, at Tripoli, Libya as Advisor.
  Activities at REC  
  a)   Administration  
          Administration of the system improvement cell and the system improvement projects for granting loan assistance to the state Electricity Board in India.
  b)   Functions:  
        i) Preparation of guidelines for project formulation, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of system improvement Schemes for sub-transmission and distribution systems.
        ii) Technical clearance of the SI projects for loan assistance from REC.
        iii) Guiding the SEB Engineers in planning their sub - transmission and distribution systems in an optimal way.
        iv) Conducted computer aided distribution system planning studies - cum - training programmes for the SEB Engineers.
        v) Carried out special studies on
          *    Application of single phase distribution in rural areas
          *    Failure of distribution transformers - causes & remedy
          *    Pump - set efficiency - causes for poor efficiency and measures for its improvement
        vi) Delivered lectures in CIRE, Hyderabad a World Bank aided Training Institute on system planning, load forecast, shunt compensation, DCF techniques, etc.
        vii) Worked on Projects related to alternative sources of energy, covering micro hydel, solar, bio-mass, bio-gas, pump-set efficiency, etc
  c)   Research  
          Pursued Ph.D. research study at IIT (Delhi) as a part time student on "Optional Distribution System Planning " during 1979-83.
  Activities at ECCO  
          As Advisor to Engineering Dept., guided system engineering including planning, design, preparation of specifications and tender evaluation.  Further, provided engineering support for procurement, erection, testing and commissioning of equipment and material in respect of projects relating to generation transmission and distribution with particular reference to diesel generating stations Gas insulated substations, packaged stations and cable lines of different voltages
          As Board Secretary, was responsible for the board activities
10 July 1976 - Aug 1977

Design Engineer, Projects Engineering Division, BHEL, New Delhi.

        i) Development of computer software for power system studies, including Distribution System optimization studies
        ii) System studies like, load flow, stability, short circuit, fault analysis, optimal planning of transmission and distribution systems and other special studies for the different power utilities in India
        iii) Research and development studies in respect of next higher transmission voltages, generating unit sizes and optimal sub transmission and distribution voltage levels
11 May 1971 - June 1976 Assistant Engineer, Tami Nadu Electricity Board, Madras
  a) At TNEB
        i) Special maintenance of Substations and distribution transformers
        ii) Design of pumped storage hydro electric machine parameters
        iii) Organization of data for system studies
        iv) On leave from July '71 to April '72 for P.G.studies
  b) At the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on deputation from March 1973 to January 1974
          Developed mathematical models and computer software for Optimal Distribution System Planning Studies for Chengleput District of Tamil Nadu, which included
i) Load forecasting
ii) Parameter optimization using Arabian Desert Approach
iii) Primary feeder design
iv) Optimal shunt capacitor compensation for power factor improvement
          Collected field data, conducted the study and developed the report
  c) At Southern Regional Electricity Board, CEA, Bangalore, on deputation during Feb 1974 to June 1976
          Developed a number of Computer S/W packages and conducted the following studies:
        i) Transmission network planning studies
        ii) Saving of spill hydro energy studies
        iii) Hourly forecasting and generation scheduling for load dispatch
        iv) Long-term load-generation balance studies associated with maintenance scheduling of generating units for the Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern and North Eastern regional systems in India
        v) Distribution system planning studies for Jharia Coal-Field of BCCL
12 Apr 1970 - Jul 1970 Field Engineer, Madras Fertilizer site office, Crompton Engineering Co. (M) Ltd., Madras.
        i) Testing of bimetal relays
        ii) Checking of control circuits of  L.T. Motor center at the Amonia substation of the Madras Fertilizer Limited.
13 Jul 1969 - Mar 1970 Engineering Assistant, South Arcot Electricity System, TNEB, Villupuram
          Supervision of erection and commissioning of Distribution Transformers and 400V and 11000V distribution lines.

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