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Ponnavaikko Kavithaigal Function - Recorded Video


இறைவனின் படைப்புகளை மதித்து அன்பு செய்தால் நீ இறைவனை உணர்வாய்



God is in You

God is an invisible distributed energy. He resides in every human being, plant and animal. The human beings are endowed with the sixth sense, which should be used in realizing God. You will realize God only when you love, respect and care for His creations. We human beings are expected to understand and carry out his functions to save the Earth. If you do so you become an incarnation God.

We all commit mistakes. But when the same mistake is repeated it becomes a sin. Seeking pardon for your sins results in self-realization. Your conscience is God. If you respect your conscience, you will realize that God is in you.

God does not reside in temples. God is in you. Once you understand the presence of God in you, you will realize that visiting temples is futile.

Know yourself with knowledge;
Rule the world with love;
Conquer yourself with conscience
Hail self respect as your sole.




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